Cork letter Z and C in the works!! $20 free shipping!!!!

personalized wine cork initials- Perfect for your wedding, home decor and more! 


My husband and I made these wine cork initials for our wedding. It was perfect considering our wedding was at a local winery. We loved it so much that we had to display it above our wine bar in our new home. I decided why not try to sell these babies?! I have plenty of left-over wine corks and me and Michael actually had a lot of fun making these together. So spread the word, share it, like it, comment it, whatever you can do and let me know if you have any questions and if you are interested in purchasing.

DIY fireplace project 

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  If you’re anything like me than you would just leave the fireplace alone because painting it is just too scary. I started this project with a lot of hesitation. I still wasn’t sure I made the right decision until the paint dried and I FELL IN LOVE. 

This White-washed painted fireplace took me around 5 hours total to complete.


  1. WHITE Water-Based Paint- I had extra from painting the ceilings but you really don’t need that much
  2. 1 paint brush
  3. 1 paint stir sticks (free from Home Depot)
  4. Water


  1. First I scrubbed the HECK out that fireplace with just plain water.
  2. Make sure the fireplace is dry.
  3. Add 1/2 water and 1/2 white paint into small paint bucket. Stir.  
  4. Start painting that Fireplace!
  5. After your first coat, wait around 1 hr to start your 2nd coat. I only needed 3 coats for my fireplace but if you have a darker red brick then you may need to add another coat or two.

let me know if you have any questions! This was actually a really fun and easy DIY project. Make sure to get in the cracks, it is easy to skip through it while painting.  I started from top to bottom. I just can’t wait to add some finishing touches (a mantel would be nice!)

Thanks for reading