DIY fireplace project 

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  If you’re anything like me than you would just leave the fireplace alone because painting it is just too scary. I started this project with a lot of hesitation. I still wasn’t sure I made the right decision until the paint dried and I FELL IN LOVE. 

This White-washed painted fireplace took me around 5 hours total to complete.


  1. WHITE Water-Based Paint- I had extra from painting the ceilings but you really don’t need that much
  2. 1 paint brush
  3. 1 paint stir sticks (free from Home Depot)
  4. Water


  1. First I scrubbed the HECK out that fireplace with just plain water.
  2. Make sure the fireplace is dry.
  3. Add 1/2 water and 1/2 white paint into small paint bucket. Stir.  
  4. Start painting that Fireplace!
  5. After your first coat, wait around 1 hr to start your 2nd coat. I only needed 3 coats for my fireplace but if you have a darker red brick then you may need to add another coat or two.

let me know if you have any questions! This was actually a really fun and easy DIY project. Make sure to get in the cracks, it is easy to skip through it while painting.  I started from top to bottom. I just can’t wait to add some finishing touches (a mantel would be nice!)

Thanks for reading

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